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Eduard Angeli, Maler: "Das blaue Tor"

Ein Besuch im Atelier des Künstlers in Venedig.
Noch bis 10. Juni 2017 zu hören bei "7 Tage Ö1" unter:


Eduard Angeli retrospective at Albertina, Vienna

April 5th till June 25th, 2017
To this day, Eduard Angeli remains the youngest person to have been given a retrospective (1975) at Vienna's 20er Haus. And ever since then, this Viennese artist has been working consistently on one single theme: physical space and its emptiness. Angeli's intensely coloured and light-filled pastels of the 1970s and '80s are characterised by melancholy as a constant basic mood-as are the dark and gloomy paintings that he has produced since the late 1990s, working primarily in Venice. Such works bear mute witness to a world in decline, one in which loneliness and emptiness seem in equal measure threatening and utopian amidst a life full of distractions and noise.

Exhibition View
Further information about the exhibition on the Albertina website


Eduard Angeli und Prof. Dr. Klaus Albrecht Schröder

Mittwoch, 19. April 2017 | 18.30 Uhr | Musensaal der Albertina